Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kevin Doby sucks/Best Supporting Actress

8:40 pm

But, I'm obligated to mention his live blog because he's still my friend.

I promise the good jokes will be here though. Mainly because I'm MVP and Doby sucks (as the title mentioned).

8:43 pm - pretty cool intro to best supporting actress, although I was unsure of who won after they initially first congratulating Viola Davis. Let's see who gets this, I could definitely see Penelope Cruz win, even Amy Adams, but I still think Viola Davis will win.

8:45 pm - Look at how fast Amy Adams is breathing. Bless her sweet heart. As much as I love her she's not going to win BSA. That'd be like giving Tracy Morgan an Emmy for playing Tracy Jordan.

8:46 pm - I think Cate Blanchett is like that old haggy woman with the large nose/beautiful girl with the hat picture. Sometimes she looks gorgeous, sometimes she looks scary.

8:47 pm - Wow Penelope Cruz won. The rumors were true. So far I am 0/1 tonight. Great start. I would like to mention that that I believe Penelope Cruz is the first Spanish actress to win an Oscar.

8:48 pm - I just checked wikipedia. Good lord who the hell spends their time updating that so fast? Ironic, I know.

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